Innovating on Inspirations


ELHAM FOUNDATION, is the brain child of Ravi Kumar, who has dreamed of this venture from his childhood and will be putting it into a concrete shape from 2015 onward. He is supported in this venture by his wife Kalyani, who shares his vision and would like to put in her bit towards its realization.


Ravi, who has been a Business & Marketing Consultant by profession, has over thirty-three years of experience in various assignments covering all of India, as well as several countries abroad. He is from a reputed South Indian family, who originally from Tamil Nadu, have settled in Kolkata for the past three generations.


Kalyani, who is from a well known Bengali family of North Kolkata, was born in Chittaranjan. Apart from being a housewife, she has been professionally engaged as the Administration Manager, of a reputed business house for the past eighteen years. She has a wealth of management experience, which will ensure the success of this venture.